Friday, 2 March 2018

OurGV Program For Shoppers, Affiliates, Sellers, Profit Or Non-Profit Organizations, And Businesses.

OurGV is a shopping affiliate program not just an ordinary one but a very important program which has high beneficiaries' to affiliates who are dedicated to work hard. It's not a get rich quick program but YOU CAN GET RICH WITH IT! 

OurGV has a unique compensation plan and benefits for the affiliate members with so much support and tools to grow your OurGV business. You will get your own online shopping mall and health store as a free member which you earn some certain percentage of cash backs if you make a purchase from your OurGV online shopping stores BUT you don't have to make sale to get to your success goal at OurGV program. There are many ways you can be highly successful and make residual income with OurGV program without even making a sale.  You can be anywhere in the world to participate in this great affiliate program.

I will start by listing some of the compensation plans and when you signup you will get to know more,

* Cashback- When you shop at your own OurGV shopping mall you will get cashbacks to every purchase you make. The cashbacks you will earn gets higher as your position gets higher

* Locking in your spot for shares at the entire OurGV company's sales- Once you buy a preferred costumer package and above, you will lock in your spot in our powerful Straight Line Customer Revenue system happens by each Sunday midnight cst.

* Fast start bonuses- If you refer a member and that member happened to lock in his/her spot before 30 days, you will get a bonus. The amount of this bonus depends on your position. This bonus is for members with coordinator's status.

And So Much More I Didn't Even  Mention.

Being a member of OurGV, you will be expose to higher online technologies and tools to help you grow your OurGV business and training, mentorship that enhances personal development. These are some of the tools -

* Lead Package - You don't have to struggle for customers with your referral link and all that. You can just other for leads and grow your team. These leads are looking for the same thing as you at OurGV. You will  have a business link to invite your friends but lead package is another brilliant option.

* Membership Packages - There are several membership packages that are ranging from $30 - $497 and $3497 for serious business minded people. By investing your money on these packages, you can get to a higher position quickly and have all the revenues advantages. Some of these packages comes with free leads. If you invest your money to these membership packages it wouldn't go to waste you will eventually grow your money. Its just a matter of patience and you are there! As a free member, you can get to the highest position but by investment, you will get there faster.

And So Much More!

If You Have An Online/Offline Stores, Profit Or Non-Profit Organizations Or Other Businesses, You Can Signup Your Businesses With OurGv Program And Have Exposure To Millions Of Customers As Well.

If You Are Interested In OurGV Program To Be An Affiliate, Click "ENTER" Below let me directly sign you up after you complete the form!


Hope this helps you to have a huge benefits as a shopper online!

 Thanks for reading 


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