Monday, 5 March 2018

Join Club Shop Rewards And Earn High Residual Income As An Affiliate And A Partner.


Since 1997 millions of people, non-profits and businesses from around the world have joined Club shop to save money, raise money and help their business gain and retain more customers. You become a member and have the opportunity to buy the things you normally buy from the most popular online stores or from local merchant and save money; get the cash back and/ or win a price.
There are two types of membership:

1. Affiliate
Become an affiliate for free, and start earning money by referring new members. You get a commission from every thing they buy in our merchant stores.

2. Partner
Build your own business by upgrading your affiliate membership or get up to 10 points from your purchases or from your downline purchases to become a partner. As a partner you earn commission by recruiting new member to become a partner. The higher as your position gets the higher you earn and even earn more when your downline get higher position as well. After upgrading your membership, you will receive new recruits monthly for free to help you grow. The more you recruit new members that upgrade their membership, the more you become promoted to a higher position. As a partner you also get dividend from the entire sale the site gets by a system could TNT.

Signup and become a member so your shopping will be more fun and save or earn money! CLICK HERE!

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