Sunday, 25 February 2018

Earn Online, With SFI.

I want to tell you about a great work from home website called SFI. 

SFI has been around paying since 1998 with great compensation plan which brings  thousands of ways of earning income and financial freedom to millions of people around the world.

With great years of experience, tool, supports from your uplines and SFI training all adds up to  your need to build a successful high residual income! All you need is just a computer and you are on the go!!

By registering and becoming an affiliate with SFI, you will have all these benefits:

* Earn VersaPoint (VP). VersaPoints are points you earn to determine your monthly payment in the company's executive pool shares! The more VersaPoints you get for the month, the more higher your shares will be. First of all you need to qualify as an Executive Affiliate (EA) with at least 1500 VP and above, every month to earn monthly shares from the executive pool. That is, provided you have scored at least 1500 VP for the month (i.e. you've qualified as an Executive Affiliate), you earn ONE share of the pool for each of your VersaPoints up to 1500 shares! Then, for each additional 500 VP you score, you'll earn another 500 shares!
- You score 1500 VP for the month, so you earn 1500 shares of the Executive Pool
- You score 2000 VP for the month, so you earn 2000 shares of the Executive Pool
- You score 2500 VP for the month, so you earn 2500 shares of the Executive Pool
- You score 3000 VP for the month, so you earn 3000 shares of the Executive Pool
- And so on, with no limit to how many total shares you can earn!
Also, as a Team Leader, you can earn lucrative VP MATCHES, which awards you additional,
unlimited shares of the Executive Pool. Yes, through VersaPoints matches, you can earn thousands or even tens of thousands of additional shares of the Executive Pool!
- Bronze Team Leaders will earn VP Matches on all EAs through 2 generations + on all your EA CSAs.
- Silver Team Leaders will earn VP Matches on all EAs through 4 generations + on all your EA CSAs.
- Gold Team Leaders will earn VP Matches on all EAs through 8 generations + on all your EA CSAs.
- Platinum and Diamond Team Leaders will earn VP Matches on all EAs through 12 generations + on all your EA CSAs.

* TripleClicks Member.
By being an SFI affiliate, you will automatically be a member of a mega online store called Tripleclicks for free and earn VersaPoints whenever you make a purchase also whenever your Tripleclicks downline (PRM) make a purchase as well. Also you will earn 50% of the commission volume (CV) of your PRM purchases!

* Sales Commissions. You will earn commission when ever your dowlines {i.e Your Personally Referred Member (PRM), Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA), and Co-Sponsored Affiliate (CSA).} Make a purchase at Tripleclicks, Rewardical, and more!                     

* Members Rewards Points (MRP).
You will earn MRP in every purchase you make at Tripleclicks, which you can use to redeem any products at TripleClicks store!

* Eager Zebra Games.
You can have fun by playing Eager Zebra games at Tripleclicks and also win cool badges, MRP and VP if you play and win any game at TripleClicks using T Credit. (T Credits is a TripleClicks  currency you purchase to use play games buy any products or items and use it for PriceBender Auction)

* Astro Auction.
As a TripleClicks member you can place a bid with a penny or a T Credit for some selected items like, Ipads, phones, Amazon gift cards, and T Credits. And if you win, you will get possibly 80%-90% off that item's price! Imagine buying an Iphone for $1??? Very cool right?

* Building Your team.
As an SFI member, you can build your own business by simply growing your team. You will earn residual income from your team with SFI's great compensation plan. The more your team grows the more you earn higher.
All you need to do is to get signups with your referrals links and keep them active. Or you subscribe to SFI's Builder Bundles monthly and get signups to your downline every month with an affordable fee. By investing in SFI builder program, you have nothing to loose but all to gain. Its the best way to build your team and grow your business and earnings with SFI Builder Bundle. Its just a matter of patience and you will get there. Then make money with the Team Leader compensation plan. There is no limit to your earnings. The more you grow the more you make tons of money!

* Rewardicals. You will become a free member at

What’s a Rewardical?
Rewardicals are the amazing new digital tokens you can earn FREE when shopping at awesome local and online stores. Then redeem your tokens whenever you want for a variety of great goodies including:

* Free Gift Cards
* Free Bitcoin
* Free Silver Bullion

* Shopping at Tripleclicks
* Charitable Donations

* Commission, that is redeem for real money!
* and more!

How to earn Rewardicals
* Shopping online and offline with

* You will earn tones of Rewardicals from your downline as well!

* By some certain contests at SFI. Like daily draws, badge quest and other contests for SFI members.

* Meeting People.
You can meet other affiliate or find a friend in your country  or around the world who is also an affiliate in SFI.  So you can possibly find someone you know who is an affiliate in SFI.

* Forum.
In SFI, you are not alone. You can get help from other affiliate and the CEO through SFI forum. Just make a post on any issues you are having consigning SFI and other affiliates are ready to help you.

* Signing Up Stores at Tripleclicks and Rewardicals.
You will earn money and rewardicals whenever someone shops' at the store you signup.

AND SO MUCH MORE I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION. It's fun being a member of SFI so I advise you to signup and take part with this great program! Check out the testimonies by people who has benefit from SFI program - Click Here

Click "ENTER" below to signup.

To Your Success as an online shopper.

Sleek Sule.

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