Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Safe list Marketing and free adverts "Works" and how to use them!

Shnnn..... Let me tell you a secret, safe list marketing and free advert really work!! There are several reasons why safe list marketing works very well that you may haven't thought of, if your are being skeptical about using safe list marketing and free advertisement you might change your mine as you read further!

Safe list Marketing is an advertising method used by affiliate marketers. The strategy is marketers coming togerther by signing up to a safe list website for free, and share there businesses and affiliate programs as an advertisement campaigns to one another through emailing or by placing there text or picture banner advertisements on the safe list website for visitors or members to view.

As  a member of a safe list marketing website, you have to acquire credits to run your advertisement campaigns. There are many ways you can acquire credits,

* Viewing other member e-mails.

* Viewing other member banners. advertisement campaigns on the safe list website.

* Stay active with the safe list marketing website by logging in to your account daily (Daily bonus)

* Or by simply buying credits.

Some of these safe list marketing websites run a contest that the winner will be rewarded with credits.

Safe list marketing websites has many membership options from free member to different levels of upgraded member. Free membership has it all but upgraded membership has more advertisement features and upgraded members will get credits for there advertisement effortlessly. If you don't have money to upgrade your membership, safe list marketing websites can still work very well for you but if you have money to upgrade your membership you will have more advantage for traffics and more exposures to your adverts.

Now lets talk about how you can benefit by using safe list marketing  tools for the advertisement of your businesses and products. There are lots of critic from people using safe list marketing and it seems there are limits to your advertisement. Like I said in the beginning of this blog " You Might Change Your Mind " after reading these reasons why it works. Here we go:

👌* The Users. People always criticized that its not organic traffic. Okay, it may not be but don't forget that the members them selves are people and potential leads you can expose your business and products to and have a great sales. For example your advert might be viewed by a member through safe list mailer you sent, just for earning credits but at the same time they will view your advert and might be interested of your service or might need your products as well.

👌* The numbers of users.  People might said, oh its limited, you only get member to view your adverts but No you don't get only members to view you adverts, I will give more reasons how other non members can view your adverts later. Okay if you register to a safe list marketing website with 100 members and you place all your adverts and send some safe list mails to the members, then in one year time the safe list website you registered to grow to 5000 member? That will be more exposures for you! Some safe list website has up to 100,000 members and new members is coming every day. These new members are potential leads to your businesses.

👌* Organic traffics. When I quote "organic traffics" you may be like what! How come? Let me explain. When you place your banner advertisement to these safe list marketing websites, they view it randomly on their websites. Every member's banner advertisement is been viewed randomly on the safe list marketing website so when someone visits the website they will also see your banner when its been viewed by the website banner rotator. If the safe list website has a high PR on search engine, you adverts will have the chance for thousands of visitors from search engine to see your businesses and products. That is another potential leads.

👌*  It gives your websites a chance of having a higher PR. Registering and promoting your websites in safe list marketing websites gives your website backlinks. So the more you register the more backlinks you will get. And is a good source for backlinks become some of these safe list marketing websites  has high PR!

👌* Change of program. Some members might see your affiliate program and decide to register to yours if they are not satisfied with their current program.

👌* Some of these safe list marketing websites has partners websites. When you signup to one of them your adverts; banners and safe list mails can be viewed up to 5 or more of there partners websites. Some safe list marketing websites have up to 50 and above partners websites.

Before you do away with safe list marketing, you have to think about the above reason not to and see what you might miss out.

My strategy on how to use safe list marketing websites I'm sharing you reader:

* Register to as many as you can handle.

* Refill the advert credits anytime they run out. Make sure you adverts; banner advertisement and safe list mailers are running.

* Make sure you make the most of it. Use all their features and tools.

* Upgrade if you can. You will get more features.

* If you don't have time to get credits the free way, you can simple buy.

* Have patience, don't leave immediately. Make sure you keep on going in long term.

Here are 22 quality safe list marketing websites.

1. World Profit

2. My Traffic Planet
3. Email Hog
4. Express Web Traffic
5. Easy And Effective Promotion
6. Save Way
7. Pangea
8. My World Adz
9. Traffic Ad Bar
10. Free Advertising For You
11. The Bond Exchange
12. Jaguar Solos
13. Ever Green Solo Ads
14. Cash Out Adz
15. Master Safelist Mailer
16. Instant Banners 4
17. Mermaid Adz
18. My Traffic Site
19. Express Super Text Marketing
20. Online Traffic Ads
21. Pro Text Ads
22. Website Solo club

And some extra auto traffic websites:

* Free Traffic Generator

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